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WinTill Knowledge Base Launched

WinTill are proud to announce the launch of our new knowledge base system.

We will over the coming weeks and months be transferring our existing articles and documentation across to the new system and would welcome any feedback or ideas for articles you would like us to publish. We shall of course be covering all of the WinTill products and features but will also be including any other news, articles and features that we think may be beneficial to our customers and also publishing various technical articles containing general information and recommendations accrued over years of research, development and experience of supporting our diverse customer base.

We look forward to receiving your feedback & comments, not just on the knowledge base as a whole or the individual articles contained within it but all aspects of us as a company, your views, opinions and requirements form the cornerstone of our roadmap for the future - please, share them with us.

Many thanks,

David Evans 

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22nd of October 2010 07:59 AM

David Evans