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Updating Database Usage Statistics

Updating Database Usage Statistics

When performance issues arise with querying databases, be it stored procedures, views or tables, it may be time to force an update on all usage statistics. The first step is to find the offending database, unless you have time to run the script against every single database. 

Before clearing the cache and updating statistics it would be advisable to check the fragmentation on the tables first. For benefits and a how to guide on re indexing table, please refer to the related articles below.

Use the script below to update the statistics on all objects within the database (ie. tables, views and stored procedures), clear all cache and force an update on the usage statistics.
This ensures that the tables, views and stored procedures will run at their best performance as statistics become out dated even when the update statistics automatically option is enabled. The clearing of cache and forcing the usage update ensures they are up to date, rather than waiting for SQL to automatically update these as the database grows.

NOTE:- If you are going to be re indexing tables, do this BEFORE running the script below.

USE [DatabaseName]
EXEC sp_updatestats

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