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WinTill DRP - Introduction

The WinTill DRP system is a suite of modules for automating the management of stock levels. It collates information from EPoS terminals and DC's across a supply chain and uses this information to instigate the workflows necessary to maintain ideal stock levels.

The core components of the WinTill DRP system as follows;

Stock Profile
A Stock Profile is a named collection of products with quantities set against them.
Each profile has a priority setting and [optionally] an active date range.
Products can exist within different profiles.
There is no limit to the number of profiles the system supports.

Stock Profile Group
A Stock Profile Group is a named collection of Stock Profiles.
The same Stock Profile can exist within multiple Groups.
The number of Stock Profile Groups supported is unlimited.

Stock Profile Group Allocation
This is used to allocate Stock Profile Groups against locations and also provides the ability to override specific profile quantities against a location.
A location can have multiple Groups allocated to it and a Group can be allocated against multiple locations.

DRP Execution Plan
These are the instructions that tell the DRP Execution Engine when, where and how to execute.
Each DRP plan has an Execution Schedule, a list of Locations for which to execute the plan, and an execution method that describes the workflow process(es) to initiate.

In simple terms the DRP system allows you to specify stock levels against locations and define a set of rules for how these stock figures are maintained, the system will then execute these rules according to the schedules.  

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