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Creating and Managing Stock Profile Groups

A Stock Profile Group contains a number of Stock Profiles which are then allocated to specific locations.

  • To create a new Stock Profile Group access Stock Profile Groups in the DRP Suite in the Stock menu.

  • Select new and enter the name for the group, as before make sure this is a meaningful name to help you manage your profiles.

  • Click Ok to save, all groups and descriptions can be edited or deleted at any time.

    stock profile groups.jpg

  • Once you have created the Stock Profile Group all of the available Stock Profiles will be listed

  • You can begin adding these to the group using the > >> buttons

  • Once you have allocated all of the profiles to the group you can then attach the group to locations in the same manner.

  • Profiles and locations can be allocated or deallocated to existing groups at any time.

    managing stock profile groups.jpg

For larger versions of the screenshots please see the attached documents below.

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