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Stock Transaction Checker Service

Monitoring and Reprocessing Missing Stock Adjustments

The Stock Transaction Checker Service checks for missing link records between sales transactions and stock adjustment sessions. When entering sales the stock transaction should be processed and a link record generated when a successful receipt is returned from the stock server. If this fails this service tries to reprocess the stock transaction and generate the missing link record.

Stock adjustments may fail for a number of reasons. They are processed on Till 01, even if the transaction is entered on a different till, and if for any reason the communication link between the machines is unavailable the Stock Transaction Checker Service will try to reprocess the adjustment. The Stock Transaction Checker Service will continually try to reprocess all missing records so as soon as the communication link is restored all missing records will be recovered and reprocessed.

If the Stock Transaction Checker Service is unable to process the stock adjustment after one hour the System Monitor Service will write an exception to the Exception Manager, you can search for these specific exceptions by entering module ID 24 in the advanced search facility in the Exception Manager. If you receive any exceptions please contact Support. 

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