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Sale Management - Sale Discount Set Up

Setting Up and Amending Sale Discounts

  • Any number of sale discounts can be set up or amended, to create a new discount select New.

  • Enter a description for the discount, make it as relevant as possible as not only will this allow you manage your discounts more easily but this description will also be visible on the till screen to the operator. (Open the attachment at the bottom of this article for a larger version of the screenshot.)
  • sm discount set up.jpg

  • Checking the Active box will activate the discount, irrespective of any other settings, the discount will not be active if this box isn't checked.

  • Select the type of discount you wish to create, a percentage discount, a value discount or a fixed price promotion.

  • The 'Value' field will change according to the type of discount selected, here you enter either the percentage of the discount, the value of the discount or the new price if it's a fixed price promotion.

  • Enter the valid to and from dates for the promotion, these must be ticked to be effective. If you don't tick the valid from date the promotion will be valid immediately and if you don't tick the valid to date no end date will be applied to the promotion.

  • If you check the Exclusive box the till operator will not be able to apply any further discount to an item if this discount is allocated.

  • Once the discount is set up it needs to be allocated to the relevant locations, to do this click the Add button.

  • A window containing all locations will appear, highlight the location you wish to add and click ok.

  • The added locations will show in the Active Discounts Locations box, to remove a location for a selected discount simply click the remove button.

  • All of the Discounts settings can be amended as and when necessary simply by selecting the relevant discount from the Current Discounts list on the left and changing the details as required, click Ok to save any changes.


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