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Sale Management - An Overview

Easy to configure and amend WinTill Sale Management allows you set up and effectively manage promotions and discounts across your business. Multiple promotions can be set up months in advance and promotions can be allocated concurrently and also individually by location.

This module provides facilities for automating the process of putting items on sale. Sale discounts can be created specifying start date, end date, and details of how and where the discount should be applied. Discounts can then be assigned to items and locations as required, either individually, by category, supplier or a combination of all three. Once assigned discounts will automatically fire when items are added to sales transactions between the start and end dates specified, this allows sales to be set up days, weeks, or even months in advance. There is no limit to the number of promotions which can be set up.

See Sale Discount Set Up and Sale Item Selection for user guides.

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