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Configuring EFT Integration From Within WinTill Point Of Sale

In order to provide integrated card payment processing from within the PoS application several configuration options must be set. These settings are administered using the WinTill EFT Setup module accesed from the till Main Menu->Engineer Menu->EFT Settings menu option available if the EFT Integration product is licensed for the specific machine. The settings are all stored in a registry key located at 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sly Development\WinTill\Client\EFT'. In order to use the EFT functionality the Enable EFT Authorisation checkbox needs to be ticked and the relevant EFT Product which is being used needs to be selected. The user interface will change, depending on which EFT product is chosen, to display only the settings that are relevant to that particular product. If any values are left blank the integration components will use default values related to the product selected. Below is a screenshot showing the options available for the Commidea Ocius Sentinel product:-


Defaults should be set as follows:

EFT Terminal Server Port: 25000
EFT Terminal Status Port: 25001
EFT Printer LDN: Printer1
All 'Directory' Entries: C:\WinTill\

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