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EFT Terminal Menu Logon

EFT Terminal Menu Logon

This module provides access to non transaction specific EFT functionality e.g. reports. The module operates differently depending upon which EFT product the system is configured to use. In the case of Commidea's Ocius product the module first attempts to log the connected terminal off and on success logs on to display the required menu options on the EFT terminal screen. Required functionality is then accessed via the EFT terminal directly without interaction with the PoS application. Upon completion 'Exit' is selected on the PoS screen and the module logs the terminal off and then back on hiding the menu options and displaying a 'Ready' prompt to receive further payment transactions. When using the Commidea Ocius Sentinal product the report options etc. are displayed as a series buttons on the actual till module screen (the screenshot below shows this for a PoS running in 'Touchscreen' mode). When an option is selected a message is sent to the Ocius Sentinal application for processing, there is no interaction with the EFT pinpad in this configuration. 


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