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3rd Party Systems - Searching Exported Orders

WinTill integrates with 3rd party systems and supports bi-directional data transfer. Orders created within the WinTill system are one of the things which maybe exported to a 3rd party, either an external supplier of internal ERP systems.

If your supplier or internal system has not received the order there is a simple way to check that it has been exported correctly.

On your Head Office server right click the 'Start' button on the desktop and select 'Explore'.

Access the following directory - C:\Inetpub\Ftproot\Wintill\Export, and click the 'Search' button. 

export search.gif

This will bring up the screen below, enter the Purchase Order number you are searching for into the second box and click search this will search all of the files in this directory for any containing the infomation you have entered (this search may take a few seconds). If a file is found then the order has been exported and you can view the file containing the order if you wish. 

If the file is found the problem lies with the system which is trying to import the file. If the file is not found please contact Support.

po search.gif

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