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Reporting - Overview

Functionality & purpose overview

There is a selection of reports to aid in financial, stock, sales and customer analysis. This allows accurate and clear real time information to always be on hand.

Currently, WinTill reports are organised into the following categories:

  • Stock
  • Shipping
  • Supplier Performance
  • Stock and Sales
  • Sales
  • Financial
  • Coverage
  • Shrinkage
  • Contacts


Full listings of reports are as follows:

  • Stock
  • Negative Stock
  • Old Stock
  • Stock Movement Audit
  • Stock Adjustment Session
  • Outstanding Purchase Orders
  • Shipping
    • Shipping Note Enquiry
    • Outstanding Shipping Notes
    • Supplier Performance
      • By Quantity For Date Range
      • For Selected Category
      • By Category Totals
      • Branch Performance For Selected Supplier
      • Stock And Sales By Category Totals
      • Style Stock And Sales
      • Sales
        • By Customer
          • For Date Range
          • Trading Summary
  • By Supplier
    • At Product Level
  • By Day
    • At Category Level
    • At Item Level
    • At Product Level
    • Totals
  • By Week
    • At Category Level
    • At Item Level
    • At Product Level
    • Totals
  • By Month
    • At Category Level
    • At Item Level
    • Totals
  • By Year
    • At Category Level
    • At Item Level
    • Totals
  • By Date Range
    • At Product Level
  • Margin Value
  • VAT Summary
  • By Branch At Root Category Level
  • Operator Discount Enquiry
  • Fast Slow Movers
  • Top And Bottom Sellers
  • Till Session Summary
  • Sale Items
  • Sale Item Changes
  • Outstanding Vouchers And Credit Notes
  • Miscellaneous Income-Expense Analysis
  • Average Transaction Value
  • Net Tender Movements
  • Non Coded Sale Analysis
  • Till Transaction Audit
  • Transaction Statistics
  • Financial
  • By Supplier
    • At Product Level
    • Shrinkage
      • By Category
        • At Item Level
        • Totals
  • Company
  • Contact List Report

Reports will have the following options toolbar:

report options toolbar.jpg

This allows you to (in order from left to right)

  • Close the report
  • Go to the first page
  • Go a page forward
  • (Displays x of y pages)
  • Go to the next page
  • Go to the last page
  • Print
  • Access printer settings (i.e. choose printer, change printer settings etc)
  • Zoom (default 100%)
  • Search any text held within the report (type in the search box and press enter)

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