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Till Receipts Not Printing

Till receipt, gift vouchers, gift receipts, returns slips etc are not being printed at the end of a transaction - this may also be accompanied by the cash drawer failing to open.

Have you got paper in your printer? Sounds obvious but we have on occasion diagnosed this to be the 'fault'! This would normally only occur after the user has performed some other action and ignored a message on the till screen - there is both a 'Paper Low' warning and a 'Paper Out' warning that will appear on the till screen, both of which require user input to clear the message.

If the till roll is coming out of the printer but has nothing printed on it then the most likely cause is that the till roll has been inserted back-to-front, most thermal receipt paper is only active on one side, to resolve this simply rotate the roll 180 degrees in the printer and try again. This issue only affects printers using thermal paper, if you are using the type of printer that has a ribbon or ink cartridge then try replacing this.


If after checking all of the above your receipts are still not being printed correctly or if there is an error light being displayed on the receipt printer then you should shutdown the machine either from the Shell Application or the Windows Desktop, do not simply switch it off as this may cause loss of data and / or physical damage to your machine. Once the machine has shutdown remove the paper from printer and check for any foreign objects (pins, staples, paper clips etc) and remove as necessary, if you have a vacuum cleanerr with a hose attachment you may wish to use this to remove any debris or dust from within the printer. Once complete re-insert the receipt paper and close the cover then power the machine back on.

If an error light is still displaying on the printer then there is most likely a hardware fault.

If there is no error light showing on the printer then the printer configuration settings should be checked.

NOTE:- There may still be a hardware fault with the printer even if no error lights are iluminated. 

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