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Barcode Scanner Not Working

Some barcode scanners use lasers to read barcodes - NEVER look directly at the light as this could damage your eyes.

The first thing to check is whether or not the scanner is powered up and working normally. You can do this by placing your hand in front of the barcode scanner (if you normally press a button on your scanner you should do this), you should see either a red glow or a narrow red line(s) depending upon the type of scanner you have, if you do not see this then you should check that the scanner is plugged in correctly to your EPoS terminal. If you are using the type of scanner that has an external power supply you should ensure this is working correctly - if you do not see the red line(s) or 'glow' then you may have a faulty scanner.

Next you see if your scanner is recognising barcodes, most scanners will emit a faint beep when sucessfuly decoding a barcode however this is not always the case and the feature can be turned off on many scanners, another normal characteristic is that the light emitted will go off following a successful scan.

The final test is to check that your software is receiving data correctly - you can emulate the scanner by simply keying the numbers that appear either above or below the barcode lines and pressing enter at the end. This should either bring up the details for the product, or notify you that the product cannot be found.

If neither scanning items nor keying in the barcode data and pressing enter appears to be doing anything then you should check that your application 'has the focus', if you are using a touch-screen system you should touch the screen and retry, if you are using a keboard based system you can either click on the application with a mouse or use ALT+TAB to change the focus.

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