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Polling - Configuring Connections

Setting Up A New Connection

The Polling Manager will allow you to set up and maintain any number of connections, giving your system administrators complete control over the Data Transfer activities of every machine.

 If you require further assistance with any aspect of this operation please contact


  • To set up a new connection you must first access the Polling Manager. Select 'Connections' and select the branch you wish to configure.

  • If the branch you wish to set up or edit is not pre-configured select Add New Connection from the list on the right and the New Connection dialogue box will appear.

  • Enter the description for the connection - this can be whatever is the most relevant. Select the location you are connecting to - clicking the small grey box on the right will bring up a list of all existing locations.

  • Select the Connection Type and enter the Login Details.

  •  pm211-1.jpg

    Send Data Operations:
  • Once the connection you wish to configure has been set up select this to create your Send Data Operations. This will enable your Head Office to send updates to the till - such as product information, stock transfer data, till settings, user details, etc

  • Select the Send Data tab and double click on Add New Send Data Operation. Enter a description for the send operation, in this case 'Till 01 Update' as this send operation will be updating Till 01 at this branch. This must be set up for every till in a branch as each till requires it's own Send Data Operation.

  • The Remote Request Directory field must be entered as - '\\(The IP address of the relevant till or till name)\WinTill\Request\'.

  • The Local Export Directory must point to the specific export directory for that till on the local server. To find this information, on the local server, go to C:\WinTill Polling, select the branch you require and the till you require. Under the till there will be files for Export, Import and Request. Select Export and ensure that you copy this file path into the Local Export Directory field.

  • The Remote Import Directory field must be entered as -  '\\(The IP address of the relevant till or till name)\WinTill\Import\'.

  • Click 'Apply' and 'Ok'.

  • pm211-2.jpg

As you can see below, Till 01 Update is now available in Send Data. We now need to configure the Polling Manager to retrieve data from this branch, such as sales, orders, customer data etc. The Retrieve Data Operation only needs to be set up once for each branch as this function operates via Till 01 only and is set up according to the same principles as the Send Data Operation.


    Retrieve Data Operations:


  • Select the Retrieve Data tab and double click on Add New Retrieve Data Operation. Enter a description for the retrieve operation. 

  • The Local Request Directory - Follow the guidlelines for the Local Export Directory above, this time copying the file path for Request.

  • The Remote Export Directory field must be entered as -  '\\(The IP address of the relevant machine or machine name)\WinTill\Export\'

  • The Local Import Directory - As before, this time selecting the file path for Import.

  • Click 'Apply' and 'Ok'. The Retrieve Data Operation for this branch is now complete.

    Managing Connections:
As we see in the screen shots above (to the right of the screen) you can execute various actions at the different stages of the Connection process. All Connections and their associated data transfer activity (send data, retrieve data) can be edited, deleted or disabled at any point. Activity can be executed manually at group, branch or data transfer level. To automate schedules for the data transfer activity see Polling-Configuring Schedules

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