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User Security Settings

Creating, Amending & Allocating User Privileges

You can create and allocate Security Groups with any combination of privileges to your till users. Any number of privileges can be allocated to a group and any number of groups can be allocated to a user. These settings are fully flexible and can be amended at any time.   
  • Access Security Settings and the screen below will pop up, to create and amend security groups select the Groups tab

    security settings.gif

  • In the Selection drop down you can either select an existing group to amend or select New to create a new group. Note - Clicking the delete button will delete the Group currently showing in the Selection box, this action cannot be undone.

  • To allocate privileges to the selected group highlight the function you wish to grant access to in the Excludes box, clicking the < button will transfer the function to the Includes box thereby granting access to this function to all members of this group. To remove a function from the Includes box simply click the > button. The << button will transfer all of the functions in the Excludes box to the Includes box and vice versa
  • Once the new group has been created or any changes have been made click 'Apply' to save these changes

  • To allocate a Group to a User select the User tab and the screen below will be shown

    user security.gif

  • From the User drop down select the relevant system user and allocate Group Membership to the user with the < buttons as above, there is no limit to the number of groups you can allocate to each user. Click Apply to save any changes.

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