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Polling - Configuring Schedules

Setting Up Or Amending The Automated Polling

The Automated Polling can be configured to poll at any time to suit the needs of your business. Intuative and simple Automated Polling ensures you have business critical information when and where it's needed.
Set Up:

  • To set up or amend the Automated Polling access the Polling Manager. Select Automated Polling on the left of the screen and then double click on 'Add New Polling Time' on the right of the screen.

  • This facility will allow you to select the time you require. You can select All or a specific branch from the Connections drop down. Selecting all from the 'Retrieve Data Operation' drop down will set the Automated Polling to retrieve data from all of the branches currently set up within the Connections. Selecting all from the 'Send Data Operation' drop down will set the Automated Polling to send data to all of the branches currently set up within the Connections. 

  • The Ad Hoc File Transfer is a facility to send any kind of file to the tills at a prescribed time.

  • Once the details have been set you must tick the Active box in the top right hand corner for the new Automated Polling time to become active. You can also de-activate Polling Times with this facility without having to delete them.

  • Once the Automated Polling Time set up is complete click 'Apply' and 'Ok' to save.  


  Amending Schedules:

  • Select the Polling Time you wish to amend

  • To delete this from the schedule simply select delete from the options on the right

  • To amend the Polling Time select 'Edit Properties', any of the properties can be amended except for the Polling Time itself. To amend this you must delete the existing schedule and create a new one.
Viewing The Active Polling:

  • When polling is in progress you can view the status and activity of your connections in the Polling Manager. The bottom right hand side of the window details the status of the Polling Service and any Data Import activity and also lists any pending connections in the polling queue. If a new connection is manually actioned whilst the Polling Service is active it will simple be added to the polling queue.


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