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The Polling Manager

Effective management of all your data transfer activities

The Polling Manager gives you all of the functionality you require to effectively and simply manage all your data transfer operations across the estate. Financial information, transactions, stock movement, product information, sales orders, purchase orders and operational changes and updates are all managed as background routines by the Polling Manager.

Any number of branches and Epos terminals can be set up within the Polling Manager and each connection is managed individually, allowing you to add, remove, disable or manually poll any connection on an ad hoc basis.

Live polling can be configured for constant, up to date communications, allowing you to retrieve and send data the instant it is submitted to the system giving you a real time view across the entire estate. Alternatively you can schedule the polling routine to fit your business requirements. Multiple automated polling schedules can be set to any time, down to the second, and the data transfer operations can be configured to suit your specific needs. If your WinTill solution is integrated with 3rd Party ERP software then import and export routines between the two systems can be scheduled to ensure a smooth flow of data and synchronisation between your management tools 

Log Files for all of the polling activities are available to view in several formats, allowing you to check on network connections at a glance or to take a more in-depth look at the polling activity.  

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