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What is a Till Session

A till session is simply a collection of sequential transactions (sales, returns etc) grouped together to facilitate financial probity. A session is started by entering a float and ended by 'cashing up', everything that happens between these two actions will be contained within a single session. These sessions can be reported on both during the current session and for previous sessions. A typical session will be started at the beginning of the trading day and ended when the store closes, another common use for sessions is where a single cashier will start and end the session and be responsible for all transactions during that session, this method is often used, for example, in a supermarket. Sessions allow you reconcile between what you should have in the cash drawer and what is actually declared during the end of session procedure, this allows you to monitor financial regularity and eliminate the possibility of cash going missing undetected. A session will also contain details of any irregular cash drawer activity as it records the date and time the cash drawer was opened with a key (hardware permitting).

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