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Configuring the Application Launcher

Configuring Applications For Access From The Till Point

The Application Launcher module allows you to access 3rd party exe files from the Till Point.

To do this any 3rd party applications need to be manually entered into the registry via RegEdit.

  • Click Start, then Run
  • Type in regedit and click OK
  • Navigate to the following registry key, if it doesn't exist then create it.
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sly Development\WinTill\Client\Components\AppList

  • Use the following naming convention for the string registry keynames.
    • App(Number)Name -> Name that the user will see in the list of applications to launch
    • App(Number)Path -> Full path to the application file e.g. C:\Windows\Notepad.exe
    • AppCount -> The total number of applications you want to be displayed in the list. In this case it would be 1.

    • For Example:
      • App1Name = Notepad
      • App1Path = C:\Windows\Notepad.exe
      • App2Name = Paint
      • App2Path = C:\Windows\system32\msPaint.exe
      • AppCount = 2
  • Close regedit.

    To test, please refer to the user guide for this module which is shown in the related articles section below.

N.B. Launching the same application from the Launch Application menu will only launch one instance of the application, selecting and pressing launch again will simply switch to the opened application.

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