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Accessing 3rd Party Applications from the Till Software

You may wish to allow your till users to access certain 3rd party applications from the till point, there are two ways to do this.

Launching an Application from the Sales Screen:

  • In the sales screen select the Misc button on the right hand side.

  • The names of the applications which have been configured for access will appear in this list of buttons, click on the application you wish to access and a window will open in the till software with the application. To configure applications see Configuring the Application Launcher

  • Closing the application will close it down completely, minimising the application will cause it to disappear from the screen but repeating the step above will maximise the window again, with the application as you left it.

  • Using the Alt+Tab hotkey combination will allow you to switch between the application and the sales screen

Launching an Application from the Menu:

  • In the WinTill Point of Sale software, click on the "Menu" button

  • Go to "Utilities" and press "OK"

  • Go to "Launch Application" and press "OK"

  • Select the application you want to load and click "Launch"

Note: In order to access the Application Launcher the Till User must have 'Access Application Launcher' within their user privileges. To learn more about user privileges see
User Security Settings

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