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Gift Receipts

How And When To Use Gift Receipts

With WinTill Point of Sale you have the facility to produce a Gift Receipt for any sale. A Gift Receipt is a receipt which is printed in addition to a normal receipt but is for a selected item only and does not detail the price or payment method. This is a quick and easy function which allows the customer to purchase gifts with confidence, knowing that any unsuitable purchases can be returned.

To produce a Gift Receipt:

  • Scan or input the items as usual
  • Highlight the item for which you require a Gift Receipt
  • Select the Item tab on the right in orange and then, from the list which appears to the left, select the Gift Receipt tab


  • If you require a Gift Receipt for more than one item repeat this process for each item.
  • Complete the sale as usual. A normal receipt will printed, as will a Gift Receipt for the item selected.


    To Process A Return Using a Gift Receipt:

  • Access the Transaction Viewer via the Main Menu > Transactions > View Transactions
  • Scan the barcode on the Gift Receipt and this will bring up the original transaction, you can now see how much the item was and how it was paid for


  • You can now return the item as normal using the information from the original transaction.

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