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Reviewing The Polling Logs

Log Files for all of the polling activities are available to view in several formats, allowing you to check on network connections at a glance or to take a more in-depth look at the polling activity.

polling log 1.gif

Accessing the Polling Manager and selecting the log directory will bring up all of the log files, there is a log for each day. They are named as the relevant date and are stored in date order. Select the file you wish to view and double click. You then have the option to view the file in one of three formats:
  • Connection Summary - Summarises the connections! Lists the branch, date, time and outcome of each connection. Failed connections are in red and successful connections are in green allowing you to identify any potential problems at a glance. 

  • Standard - As per the example above, again failures and successes are denoted by red and green text. However, in the standard format you can drill down into each connection for further details and identify the cause of the failure.

  • XML Default - All of the information available in the Standard format in XML.

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