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Check Databases For Corruption

If you suspect corruption in one or more of your databases, or just to check for corruption in any of your databases, then execute the following script. This script will create a stored procedure isp_CheckServerForCorruption in the master database. Simply execute this script and view the printed output for results. If the script already exists, simply execute the script.

USE Master
Create Procedure isp_CheckServerForCorruption
Declare @DBName sysname,@Message varchar(255)
Declare curDatabases cursor
for select [name] from master..sysdatabases
Open curDatabases
fetch next from curDatabases into @DBName
While @@FETCH_STATUS = 0
Begin Set @Message = '*****BEGIN Processing ' + @DBNAME + '********'
print @Message
declare @SQL varchar(255)
Set @SQL = 'DBCC CHECKDB(' + @DBName + ') with PHYSICAL_ONLY'
Set @Message = '*****END Processing ' + @DBNAME + '********'
print @Message
fetch next from curDatabases into @DBName
Close curDatabases
Deallocate curDatabases

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