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Product Attributes - Maintenance

Creating and Maintaining Product Attributes

The format and procedure for creating Colour, Size and Fit attributes is the same, here we will use the Colour attribute creation module as an example.

  • Access Maintenance - Attribute - Then select the relevant category, Colour, Size or Fit.

  • Before you create an attribute you must first create an attribute group.

  • Select New and enter a description for the group, click ok. To edit the name of any group at any time select the group from the drop down menu and click the Edit button next to it.
    new group.gif
    Tip - if you DON'T want to use attribute groups simply create groups called 'All Colours', 'All Sizes' & 'All Fits' and enter all of your attributes in one group.

  • To add an attribute to the group select the group you want to work with from the drop down menu and then click the Add button. Repeat this process to add all of the attributes to their group.

  • To change the name of an attribute select the Edit button underneath the Add button.

  • To move attributes up and down the list use the Up and Down buttons and to sort the attributes alphabetically select the Sort button.

  • To save your changes click Save, click Undo to remove any changes you have made.  


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