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Functionality of the Epos Software Shell

A Shell for the Epos software can be set up to prevent the till users from accessing anything other than till functions (the internet, games or other applications). 

To access the Shell from the desktop select SlyShell from the start menu.

To set up the Shell select Sly, tick the Auto Run Application box and enter the path to the WinTill Point Of Sale so that the POS software is automatically launched whenever the machine is switched on. Selecting 'Disable Run From Task Manager' will do just that, preventing the more IT literate Till User from accessing applications this way also. Select Log Off and when you log back on the POS software will launch and the Shell will be set up.  

To exit the Epos software into the Shell enter the main menu and select exit, select the Engineer option from the button which will appear [selecting Restart will return you to the till software]. Enter the Engineer code to access the Shell.

To allow the engineer to run applications and access the internet without having to exit the Shell you can either browse to the required application or enter the path or web address you require and click run.

Note: When the shell is active and the machine is re-booted the username automatically selected will be the one logged on BEFORE the shell is launched. Always ensure you are logged on as the correct user BEFORE you launch the shell.

Other functions available in the Shell:

Restart - Will restart the WinTill Point Of Sale software

Engineer -Will always return you to the keypad to enter the engineer code

Reboot - Will reboot the machine

Shutdown -Will shut down the machine

Log Off - Will log off the current user

Exit - To return to the desktop, only use this if the Shell was accessed from the desktop.

Standard & Log Off - If you wish to exit the shell and return to the desktop.


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