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Unable to Process a Referenced Return

What is the problem you are encountering?

If you do not have the options to process a return then you are most likely not authorised to this function - See
I Can't Access Something I Think I Should Be Able To! for more details.

If you are receiving error messages when you enter or scan the receipt number then you may be encountering polling or Internet Service issues. All transactions for all terminals are stored on the Head Office, so a transaction must be polled to the Head Office before any other till point can access the information.

If the original transaction was made on a terminal other than the one it is being returned on then (a) the original transaction must have been polled back to the Head Office and (b) the terminal processing the return must have a connection to the Head Office.

If the original transaction and the return are being processed on the same terminal then the terminal will find the transaction by searching it's own database.

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11th of March, 2011

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