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Using Handheld Scanners to Action Stock Movements 

Handheld scanners, or Portable Data Capture units, can be used to improve efficiency and accuracy when actioning any kind of stock movement. The WinTill Portable Data Capture software is suitable for a range of handheld scanners and can be used in all data transfer activity. Data can be downloaded via a back office pc or the Epos terminal itself.

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The software is intuitive and user friendly, simply switch on the terminal to access the Main Menu.

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Options 1 - 3 should be selected according to the criteria below

  • Book Transfer In - for goods receipt from any location, suppliers, centralised distribution centres, transfers from other branches and creating purchase orders

  • Book Transfer Out - for dispatch to any location, inter-company transfers, returns and write-off's.

  • Stocktake - to be used for Stocktaking only. 

Each option offers the same functionality once selected, simply press the large orange key to activate the scanner and scan the item. The quantity will default to one but if you wish to change this enter the quantity you require and press the enter key (one either side of the orange button). Continue scanning in this way until you are ready to download the information.

If you have entered any data incorrectly you can browse all of your previous entries by holding down the FN key and 1 simultaneously, here you can scroll through all the entries made so far and delete any you wish to remove by pressing the BS key. Press ESC to return and continue scanning.
To download the information ensure that the data cable is securely plugged into the relevant port on the Epos terminal or pc, the cable may be either serial or USB, the other end of the cable must be plugged into the cradle. Gently but firmly place the scanner into the cradle and select option 4.

For all data transfer operations on the Epos terminal or back office pc the process is very similar, each screen will have a Download Gun button which needs to be clicked directly before or after the Transmit Data option is selected on the gun.

Note - For more details of the functionality within the till software please refer to the specific article for each process, eg Stocktakes, Goods In, Transfers.

Once the data has been transferred it can be deleted by selecting option 6 Delete Data, always remember to check the gun for old data before beginning a new data transfer operation.

Option 6 Utilities is to access set up options only, you should not need to access this option when using the scanner.

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