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Available Options When Booking In Stock

When stock is received into a branch there are a number of ways to book this stock in:

  • By Shipping Note - assuming the relevant information has been sent from the dispatch location (Head Office, Distribution Centre, External Supplier, other branch etc) the branch can book in the stock using the shipping note reference for the delivery. 

  • By Purchase Order Reference - If the order was generated by either the branch themselves or the Head Office the original Purchase Order Reference can be used to book in the stock.

  • By Source Location - If no shipping or order documents are available the order can be booked in by Source Location.

Once you have accessed the Stock In utility you can select your preferred method of booking stock in.

To book in stock using a Shipping Note or Purchase Order the procedure is the same, either enter the reference number directly into the text box or click the button next to the box and search for the relevant document using the date, stock and location filters provided.

When the details have been automatically entered using either of the methods stock levels can be adjusted using the Product Data Control.

If you Select Source Location to book in stock then you simply select your source from a list of internal (Company) and external (Suppliers) sources and manually enter the details again using the Product Data Control.   

    book stock in.gif

Required User Privileges:

To access each of the utilities above the user will need to be allocated the following settings;

To accessing the Stock In utility - Access Shipping Receipt (If the user is not authorised to this function the stock in option will not appear on their screen)

To booking stock in by Shipping Note - Initialize Delivery by Shipping Note Reference

To booking stock in by Purchase Order Reference - Initialize Delivery by Purchase Order Reference

To booking stock in by Source Location - Initialize Delivery by Source Location

See User Security Settings for further guidance on allocating user authorities.

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