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Barcode Label Printing - Printer Settings

Configuring and Amending the Printer Settings

The barcode label and ticket printing module is available as a bolt on function to the core WinTill software. This module can be utilised via the Head Office, back office or at a till point. The design, content and size of the labels can be configured to meet the individual needs of your business and will enable you to print labels by delivery, stock holding or ad hoc.

Printer Settings

The printer settings can be easily configured.

  • If you select Use System Printer the screen will appear as below
  • Select the number of tickets per page being printed, for example, you may be using A4 sheets of labels rather than rolls of labels.

  • If you are printing labels using a reports package select Print Report Type Labels, this will then allow you to select from the available templates in the Use Following Template drop down to print with.

  • If you are printing your labels using Word templates leave the check box blank. Using Word gives you much greater flexibility with your label templates, designs are created in Word and can then be selected from the drop down. If you have any problems accessing the templates you wish to use please contact  

  • You then need to select your printer, all of the available printers which are available to the machine you are using will appear in the drop down for you to select from.
  • If you select Use OPOS Compatible Printer you will only be able to select the relevant OPOS printer from the list, all of the other criteria will be determined by the settings on the OPOS printer.

  • tp settings.gif

  • You can select which selling price band you wish to apply to the labels from the drop down. This is a useful feature as some retailers may sell the same product in a variety of environments - High street, clearance store, duty free, EU zones. 

  • You can also determine the order of the print queue, if you click the ... box.gif you are able to select and order by all of the available fields so the labels will print off in the order most convenient to your business. 

  • Once you have configured the settings they will be saved and applied to each print run unless you change them again.


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