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Barcode Label Printing - Printing Tickets

Using the Ticket Printer

Once the Printer Settings on your ticket printing module are configured you can print tickets quickly and easily in a number of convenient ways.

When you click the Add Tickets button you can then choose to add tickets to your ticket printing queue by delivery reference, in stock quantities by style of ad hoc. 

tp add tickets by delivery.gif

By Delivery

  • If you select the option to add tickets By Delivery you will then have the option to either enter the Goods Received Note you want to print the tickets for or you can click ... box.gif to search for a Goods Received Note using various criteria such as received date, shipped from and to locations and specific products codes

By Stock Holding

  • Selecting the option to add tickets by stock holding will allow you to select either a category or individual styles within a category and the labels will be printed as per the stock holding for the selected items.

Ad Hoc

  • Selecting the Ad Hoc option will enable you to enter any product code and quantity. If you do not have the full product code for the individual item you can click ... box.gif and search for the item using the style code or description.

Amending the Print Queue
  • Once items have been added to the print queue the Delete All Tickets and Delete Selected Tickets buttons will be highlighted

  • Clicking the Delete All Tickets button will remove all tickets and clear the print queue - once this has been done it cannot be reversed.

  • Clicking the Delete Selected Tickets button will allow you to remove certain items from the print queue. You can use the shift key here to select multiple lines in a block as you can in various other applications.

  • When you have the items you wish to create tickets for in the queue simply click Print Tickets.  

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