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Setting Up The Stocktake

A stocktake can be actioned on the WinTill software at anytime via the till or back office. We recommend that you review the article Stocktaking - An Overview before commencing your stocktake for a detailed explanation of the process, this article is simply a 'How To' guide.  

When you are ready to begin your stocktake follow the steps below:

  • When you access the stocktake module you will be asked if you want to Create a New Stocktake Session or View A Previous Stocktake, select Create A New Stocktake Session and click ok.

  • You will now be asked to select the location you wish to stocktake, highlight the selected location and click Ok.

  • Click the Freeze Stock button in the top right hand corner of the screen, this will open the window as shown below.

  • You can now select the product code type you wish the system to display, barcode, style code or stock code, this will be applied to all of the views and reports that are run during the stocktake session.

  • You can also select which categories you wish to count if you are not carrying out a full stocktake

  • When you have selected the items to stocktake click Ok, this will add all of the selected items into the stockcount and freeze the stock for these items.

  • If you need to exit the stocktake screen anytime during the stocktake this can be done by clicking on th Exit button in the bottom righthand corner. To access the stocktake module again enter as before but select Current Stocktake and this will return you to the stocktake session you have already started.

Note - Once the stock has been frozen any item which is included in the stocktake and in stock at the point the stock was frozen MUST be counted, even if it is sold during the stocktake.

    freeze stock.gif

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