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Stocktaking - Counting The Stock - 2

Counting Options

At this point you can either count the stock manually or use the handheld terminals. If you are using the terminals please refer to Portable Data Capture for more information.

  • To count the stock manually you will first need to print off the Stock Take Sheets

  • Click Print Stock Take Sheets in the top right hand corner of the screen

  • You have the options to start a new page after each category and to only show items with stock - If you do not select to only show items with stock the stocktake sheets will include every single item that has been set up on your system.

  • When the report has been run you will have a list of all of the items you have requested, ordered by the code you selected at the begining of the stockcount. You can now use these Stocktake Sheets to list your stock.

  • print sheets.gif

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