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Processing The Stocktake 

Once you have entered all of your count data you can view or print the discrepancies before you complete the stocktake. Clicking Print Discrepancies will generate a report which lists all of the items with a discrepancy by category, showing the frozen stock quantity, the counted quantitiy and the discrepancy. This report can be printed or exported in a variety of formats. At this point you can investigate any discrepancies and return to the stockcount to add or amend any item quantities before processing the count.

Once you are satisfied you have an accurate stockcount result you complete the stockcount by clicking the Process Adjustments button. This will process all of the discrepancies, 'unfreeze' the stock and update any stock movements which may have been actioned during the stockcount. The stocktake is now completed.

Abandoning A Stocktake

Should you wish to abandon a stocktake at any time for any reason simply click the Abandon Stocktake button, no adjustments will be processed and the stock will be unfrozen.

Reviewing a Previous Stocktake

When you first enter the stocktake software you have the option to View A Previous Stocktake Session. You can search stocktake sessions by date and the search facility will list all previous stocktake sessions regardless of status for the date range selected. Only Completed stocktake sessions can be viewed, giving access to the discrepancies report.  

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