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Enter By Category

If you have carried out a manual stocktake then you can enter your count figures by Category, this is a quick and simple way to enter a manual stocktake but does have restricted functionality.

  • Figures are entered a category at a time and the item list within the category will be in exactly the same format and order as the stocktake sheets.

  • Within each category you will enter the quantity you have counted for each individual item. The count screen will display the frozen quantity and the total count quantity so far, as well as the quantity you have entered in this batch.

  • When you have finished entering the quantities click Submit Batch, you can repeat this process as many time as necessary to enter all batches for all categories.

New Count Batch

Using the New Count Batch entry screen offers much more flexibility when entering count data. You can enter any products and quantities either manually, using the handheld terminals or by importing files (data in files must be in the correct format for a successful download).

  • For Manual Entry either enter the barcode into the Code text box in the bottom left of the screen or click ... box.gifto search for the item.

  • Once you have selected the item enter the quantity.

  • new count batch bottom.gif

  • You can repeat this process as many times as necessary but if you have entries to make for more than one item within a style you can add the additional quantities directly into the matrix.

  • Select the matrix tab as show below.

  • Any products you have entered will initially be shown as totals for the style but when you click on the + by the style description the matrix will expand to allow you to enter quantities for each SKU.

  • matrix 1.gif

  • When you return to the main screen (the Data tab) the items you have added will be included in the list.

  • If you have counted your stock using a WinTill handheld terminal then you simply set the gun to download, ensure the cradle is correctly connected to the till and insert the gun.

  • You then click the Download Gun button at the bottom lefthand corner of the stocktake screen and the data from the gun will be downloaded into the batch.

  • Any items which were incorrectly scanned are listed as rejected items, they remain in the order in which they were scanned to allow you to locate the rejected item and enter the data correctly.

  • You can also import stock data from external files such a spreadsheets or CSV files, assuming the data is formatted correctly. You may want to utilise this functionailty if you have manually entered your count data into a spreadsheet or scanned your stock using a generic handheld terminal and then imported this into a text file. Again, rejected items will be highlighted as above.

  • As you can see from the above example, the column to the left of the data will indicate the method of input. Searched Item refers to any products searched for individually, Matrix Entry refers to any quantities entered using the matrix, Gun Download will, obviously, refer to any items dowloaded using the stocktake gun, the end of this reference is the date in the format yyyymmdd. Any items you have imported from a file will have 'filename.ext yyyymmdd' as a reference, for example 'stocktake1.txt 20990101'.

  • Simply clicking on the Ok button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen will save your batch and return you to the main screen.

Amending Batches

  • Click Edit Count Batch to amend any batches previously entered - This will show a list of all batches previously entered, select the batch you wish to amend and adjust the figures accordingly

  • Click Delete Count Batch to remove any batches you do not want to include - This will show a list of all batches previously entered, select the batch you wish to remove and click Ok, this batch will be permenantly removed from the stocktake and cannot be reinstated.

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