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  1. Stocktaking - Completing The Count - 4Stocktaking - Completing The Count - 4 [Article]
    Processing The Stocktake Once you have entered all of your count data you can view or print the discrepancies befo
  2. Stocktaking - Entering The Count - 3Stocktaking - Entering The Count - 3 [Article]
    Functionality Enter By Category If you have carried out a manual stocktake then you
  3. Stocktaking - Counting The Stock - 2Stocktaking - Counting The Stock - 2 [Article]
    Counting Options At this point you can either count the stock manually or use the handheld terminals. If you are usin
  4. Stocktaking - Freezing The Stock - 1Stocktaking - Freezing The Stock - 1 [Article]
    Setting Up The Stocktake A stocktake can be actioned on the WinTill software at anytime via the till or back office.&