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  1. 3rd Party Systems - Searching Exported Orders3rd Party Systems - Searching Exported Orders [Article]
    WinTill integrates with 3rd party systems and supports bi-directional data transfer. Orders created within the WinTill system are one of the things which maybe exported to a 3rd party, either an exter...
  2. WinTill DRP - Stock Profile GroupsWinTill DRP - Stock Profile Groups [Article]
    Creating and Managing Stock Profile Groups A Stock Profile Group contains a number of Stock Profiles which are then allo
  3. Till Receipts Not PrintingTill Receipts Not Printing [Article]
    Till receipt, gift vouchers, gift receipts, returns slips etc are not being printed at the end of a transaction - this may also be accompanied by the cash drawer failing to open. Hav
  4. WinTill Epos ShellWinTill Epos Shell [Article]
    Functionality of the Epos Software Shell A Shell for the Epos software can be set up to prevent the till users from
  5. Product AttributesProduct Attributes [Article]
    Simple and Flexible Attribute Creation and Maintenance Unique product attributes can be created and amended quickly and
  6. Performance and Reliability TipsPerformance and Reliability Tips [Article]
    One of the most common causes of frustration with computers is speed, or rather the lack of it. With a little routine maintenance these annoyances can be largely eliminated. Similarly some routine p