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  1. Updating Database Usage StatisticsUpdating Database Usage Statistics [Article]
    Updating Database Usage Statistics When performance issues arise with querying databases, be it stored procedures, v
  2. WinTill Portable Data CaptureWinTill Portable Data Capture [Article]
    Using Handheld Scanners to Action Stock Movements Handheld scanners, or Portable Data Capture units, can be used t
  3. How To - Clear SQL Server CacheHow To - Clear SQL Server Cache [Article]
  4. Unable to Process a Referenced ReturnUnable to Process a Referenced Return [Article]
    What is the problem you are encountering? If you do not have the options to process a return then you are most likely no
  5. Branch Till Maintenance - Cash DrawerBranch Till Maintenance - Cash Drawer [Article]
    Configuring the Cash Drawer Security Alert The cash drawer of each till can be configured individually to give warning m
  6. What is a Till SessionWhat is a Till Session [Article]
    A till session is simply a collection of sequential transactions (sales, returns etc) grouped together to facilitate financial probity. A session is started by entering a float&nbs
  7. Defragmenting Database Table IndexesDefragmenting Database Table Indexes [Article]
    SQL Server 2000 introduced a new DBCC INDEXDEFRAG statement to defragment clustered and nonclustered indexes on tables and views. This statement defragments the leaf level of the index so that t
  8. Reindex Database TablesReindex Database Tables [Article]
    During rebuilding a clustered index, an exclusive table lock is put on the table, preventing any table access by your users. During rebuilding a nonclustered index, a shared table lock is put on the t...
  9. The Polling ManagerThe Polling Manager [Article]
    Effective management of all your data transfer activities The Polling Manager gives you all of the functionality
  10. Till Repeatedly Re-bootingTill Repeatedly Re-booting [Article]
    Version Affected - All Symptom - The till is repeatedly re-booting itself for no apparent reason. Cause - This
  11. Performance and Reliability TipsPerformance and Reliability Tips [Article]
    One of the most common causes of frustration with computers is speed, or rather the lack of it. With a little routine maintenance these annoyances can be largely eliminated. Similarly some routine p
  12. Barcode Scanner Not WorkingBarcode Scanner Not Working [Article]
    WARNING Some barcode scanners use lasers to read barcodes - NEVER look directly at the light as this could damage your eyes. The first thing to check is whe
  13. Check Database For CollationCheck Database For Collation [Article]
    To check the collation setting for a particular database, run the following sql script USE
  14. Check Databases For CorruptionCheck Databases For Corruption [Article]
    If you suspect corruption in one or more of your databases, or just to check for corruption in any of your databases, then execute the following script. This script will create a stored procedu
  15. Polling - Configuring SchedulesPolling - Configuring Schedules [Article]
    Setting Up Or Amending The Automated Polling The Automated Polling can be configured to
  16. Shrinking A Database Log FileShrinking A Database Log File [Article]
    Enter the following TSQL:- USE [DBName] BACKUP LOG [DBName] WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY DBCC SHRINKFILE ([DBName]_log,1) Wher
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