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  1. Reporting - OverviewReporting - Overview [Article]
    Functionality & purpose overview There is a selection of reports to aid in financial, stock, sales and customer analysis. This allows accurate and clear real time inform
  2. Report - Shipping Note Enquiry 10085Report - Shipping Note Enquiry 10085 [Article]
    This report details where the shipping note was shipped from and...
  3. Report - Stock Movement Audit 10087Report - Stock Movement Audit 10087 [Article]
    ...movements of a product. Types of stock movement include sales, returns, deposits, deposit redeemed, shipping receipts, shipping orders, manual sto
  4. Recommended procedures to take before closing a branchRecommended procedures to take before closing a branch [Article]
    Procedures to take before closing a branch Before shutting the tills down and packing them away there are several procedures that need to be done in order to ensure t
  5. Goods Receipt OptionsGoods Receipt Options [Article]
    Available Options When Booking In Stock When stock is received into a branch there are a number of ways to book thi
  6. Shipping Note - Not available in branchShipping Note - Not available in branch [Article] other systems confirm that the shipping note is visible on your ...