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  1. Tills Not PollingTills Not Polling [Article]
    If a branch or individual machine is not polling please check the following before contacting Support: Check the
  2. My Tills Are Polling But The Data Has Not Been Sent or RetrievedMy Tills Are Polling But The Data Has Not Been Sent or Retrieved [Article]
    If your tills appear to be polling correctly, and there are no communciation failures in either the
  3. Polling - Configuring ConnectionsPolling - Configuring Connections [Article]
    Setting Up A New Connection The Polling Manager will allow you to set up and maintain an
  4. Unable to Process a Referenced ReturnUnable to Process a Referenced Return [Article]
    What is the problem you are encountering? If you do not have the options to process a return then you are most likely no
  5. Polling - Log FilesPolling - Log Files [Article]
    Reviewing The Polling Logs Log Files for all of the polling activities are available to view in several format
  6. The Polling ManagerThe Polling Manager [Article]
    Effective management of all your data transfer activities The Polling Manager gives you all of the functionality
  7. Shipping Note - Not available in branchShipping Note - Not available in branch [Article]
    Check the Exception Manager for any outstanding issues. If you have EDI links to other systems confirm that the shipping note is visible on your WinTill system at head office.
  8. Polling - Configuring SchedulesPolling - Configuring Schedules [Article]
    Setting Up Or Amending The Automated Polling The Automated Polling can be configured to