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  1. Reporting - OverviewReporting - Overview [Article]
    ... Functionality & purpose overview There is a selection of reports to aid in financial, stock, sales and customer analysis. This allows accurate and clear real time inform
  2. Report - Margin Value 10066Report - Margin Value 10066 [Article]
    The Margin Value report details the total margin values for the specified date range at branch level. There are a series of sub reports which can be drilled down to by double clicki
  3. Vx810 Card Terminal TroubleshootingVx810 Card Terminal Troubleshooting [Article]
    Vx810 and Ocius Sentinel Troubleshooting N.B: As with any Till issues, you are advised to call the WinTill Support line as soon as the issue arises. Only a Win
  4. Report - Stock Movement Audit 10087Report - Stock Movement Audit 10087 [Article]
    Use this report to track the stock movements of a product. Types of stock movement include sales, returns, deposits, deposit redeemed, shipping receipts, shipping orders, manual sto
  5. Report - Financial Summary By BranchReport - Financial Summary By Branch [Article]
    The Financial Summary By Branch report groups financial data into the following groups for analysis: Gross Sales - Total value of net goods movement including VAT. In
  6. Report - Top and Bottom SellersReport - Top and Bottom Sellers [Article]
    This report allows the user to display the top or bottom specified number of selling lines by value or quantity for a given time period. The default selling price (inclusive of vat)
  7. Application LauncherApplication Launcher [Article]
    Accessing 3rd Party Applications from the Till Software
  8. Till Report - Session SummaryTill Report - Session Summary [Article]
    Detailed Breakdown of the Session Summary Report A Session Summary provides a summary all of
  9. My Tills Are Polling But The Data Has Not Been Sent or RetrievedMy Tills Are Polling But The Data Has Not Been Sent or Retrieved [Article]
    If your tills appear to be polling correctly, and there are no communciation failures in either the
  10. ReturnsReturns [Article]
    Returning an Item at the Till Point Referenced Returns:
  11. Polling - Configuring ConnectionsPolling - Configuring Connections [Article]
    Setting Up A New Connection The Polling Manager will allow you to set up and maintain an
  12. Product Information Enquiry - Known IssuesProduct Information Enquiry - Known Issues [Article]
    Item Not Found Error Message Version Affected - 1.x Sympton - A Product is searched for fou
  13. Sale Management - An OverviewSale Management - An Overview [Article]
    Easy to configure and amend WinTill Sale Management allows you set up and effectively manage promotions and discounts across your business. Multiple promotions can be set up months in
  14. Stock Transaction Checker ServiceStock Transaction Checker Service [Article]
    Monitoring and Reprocessing Missing Stock Adjustments The Stock Transaction Checker Service checks for missing link reco
  15. WinTill DRP - Stock ProfilesWinTill DRP - Stock Profiles [Article]
    Creating and Amending Stock Profiles A Stock Profile is a named collection of products with quantities set against them,
  16. Starting A Till SessionStarting A Till Session [Article]
    If there is no current session in progress then as soon as the operator enters the sales screen a new session will be started. The cash drawer will automatically open and t
  17. What is a Till SessionWhat is a Till Session [Article]
    A till session is simply a collection of sequential transactions (sales, returns etc) grouped together to facilitate financial probity. A session is started by entering a float&nbs
  18. The Polling ManagerThe Polling Manager [Article]
    Effective management of all your data transfer activities The Polling Manager gives you all of the functionality
  19. Retail Sales Entry - Known IssuesRetail Sales Entry - Known Issues [Article]
    Failure to update stock records Version Affected - 1.x, 2.x, 3.0 Sympton - Stock