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  1. Difficulty Copying Large FilesDifficulty Copying Large Files [Article]
    ...ecially across a Windows network then you should consider the Microsoft product RichCopy. This is n...
  2. Display SQL Server Currently Running ProcessesDisplay SQL Server Currently Running Processes [Article]
    To find out what sql server is currently processing, you can do this by:- using Enterprise Manager and looking at current activity using the system stored procedures sp
  3. Barcode Scanner Not WorkingBarcode Scanner Not Working [Article]
    WARNING Some barcode scanners use lasers to read barcodes - NEVER look directly at the light as this could damage your eyes. The first thing to check is whe
  4. Shipping Note - Not available in branchShipping Note - Not available in branch [Article]
    Check the Exception Manager for any outstanding issues. If you have EDI links to other systems con... links to other systems confirm that the shipping note is visible on your WinTill system at head off...
  5. Check Database For CollationCheck Database For Collation [Article]
    To check the collation setting for a particular database, run the following sql script USE
  6. Check Databases For CorruptionCheck Databases For Corruption [Article]
    If you suspect corruption in one or more of your databases, or just to check for corruption in any of your databases, then execute the following script. This script will create a stored procedu
  7. Gift ReceiptsGift Receipts [Article]
    How And When To Use Gift Receipts With WinTill Point of Sale you have the facility to produce a Gift Receipt for any sal
  8. Polling - Configuring SchedulesPolling - Configuring Schedules [Article]
    Setting Up Or Amending The Automated Polling The Automated Polling can be configured to
  9. Shrinking A Database Log FileShrinking A Database Log File [Article]
    Enter the following TSQL:- USE [DBName] BACKUP LOG [DBName] WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY DBCC SHRINKFILE ([DBName]_log,1) Wher
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