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  1. Till Receipts Not PrintingTill Receipts Not Printing [Article]
    Till receipt, gift vouchers, gift receipts, returns slips etc are not being printed at the end of a transaction - this may also be accompanied by the cash drawer failing to open. Hav
  2. User Security SettingsUser Security Settings [Article]
    Creating, Amending & Allocating User Privileges You can create and allocate Security Groups with any combi
  3. Starting A Till SessionStarting A Till Session [Article]
    If there is no current session in progress then as soon as the operator enters the sales screen a new session will be started. The cash drawer will automatically open and t
  4. What is a Till SessionWhat is a Till Session [Article]
    A till session is simply a collection of sequential transactions (sales, returns etc) grouped together to facilitate financial probity. A session is started by entering a float&nbs
  5. The Polling ManagerThe Polling Manager [Article]
    Effective management of all your data transfer activities The Polling Manager gives you all of the functionality
  6. Retail Sales Entry - Known IssuesRetail Sales Entry - Known Issues [Article]
    Failure to update stock records Version Affected - 1.x, 2.x, 3.0 Sympton - Stock
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